Brighten Up Your Darkest Rooms

Buy these products now: Antique vase decor-chandelier although you may not realize it, if you are tired, grumpy, stressed or just not in a good mood, look at your home and its natural light sources. It is a proven fact that people react, act and feel better in a house that has a lot of natural light, but also has a decor inspired by light. Even for your darkest rooms, there is a way to bring lighter finishes to play the darkest. Whether you are looking for more natural light or trying to choose finishes that brighten up your space and your mood, take a look at the 10 simple tips to bring more light into your dark interiors.

1. Take a walk around your house and evaluate the dark areas:

If you have been living in your house for some time, you are probably used to dark areas. Closets, the living room and family rooms that do not provide enough natural light, or perhaps the current paint color scheme and dark furniture will make your interior feel like a black hole. Before you can brighten up your interiors, you need to find out what factors create the feeling of darkness. Do you need better windows in your interior or lighter colors on your walls or possibly less bulky and dark furniture in your rooms?

2. Mix and match rich neutral and white colors in your decor:

If your home needs warmth, opt for rich neutral fabrics such as espresso brown, camel tan, mushroom gray and warm rust colors. Brown, white and beige color families are very versatile and look great when placed next to dark wood floors, doors and thick wooden furniture.

3. Open a dark ceiling with recessed light fixtures

For many homes, dark painted ceilings or even paneled ceilings are common. While dark ceilings create a dramatic mood in the room, they can also leave the room feeling like a cave. Recessed luminaires or commonly known as “can lights” can illuminate the ceiling without being intrusive to the naked eye. Consider installing a dimmer switch to have versatile light control.

4. Combine lighter finishes between your dark kitchen cabinets

If you like the look of rich, dark colored kitchen cabinets and dark floors, consider using countertops with a lighter finish or mixing and matching lighter cabinets with your darker cabinets. You will be surprised how much more fun your kitchen is to work with when it is very bright and open. If you are in the process of choosing the finishes for a kitchen renovation, consider these ideas to keep your kitchen bright and airy.

5. Choose accent kitchen pendant lights that work dual-purpose

If your kitchen is only dark in certain areas, consider pendant lights that will beautifully illuminate a dark corner or above a breakfast bar. Choose an accent pendant lamp that will surprise the rest of the kitchen. Lighting manufacturers have a plethora of designer glass, stainless steel, mosaic tiles and even handcrafted blown glass pendant lights to choose from!

6. Bring light to your dramatic dark room

There is something to be said for a dark and sophisticated bedroom! When the walls, bedding, floors and accessories are all dark, it can create a heavenly den to warm up after a long day at work. If you like dramatic appeal, consider adding soft lighting in strategic areas to keep the mood, but to help see and appreciate your room. Look for creative lighting in built-in shelves like “puck” or under cabinet lights and accent lights like pendant lights and table lamps with soft, shiny lampshades to do the trick!

7. Finding a balance between darkness and light in your bedroom

Your bedroom is one of the few places in your house that really belongs to you and you don’t have to please your guests, the only important person is you! Therefore, a balance in your design style. If you have dark walls, why not create a contrast with light sheets in soft ecru, butter yellow or different shades of sheets, pillows and off-white bedroom decor to give your room a balanced and relaxed atmosphere.

8. Choosing the right dark colors for your next painting project

Do you have a room that you can’t wait to paint, being wary of the dark colors to choose? Don’t be afraid of dark colors! They are a wonderful way to add a dramatic aesthetic to your space and they add personality. First of all, look at your space for natural light sources. The more windows and doors your walls have, the darker the wall color can become. If you have very small windows or only a few, choose lighter shades of the darker shade to make the room brighter and larger.

9. Brighten up your dark wardrobe cabinets

One of the darkest rooms in your home is the closet where you store your clothes. Whether your closet is inside your bedroom and there are no windows or because it was an afterthought by the house developer, there are wonderful solutions to solve this problem. Either way, there are ways to bring light into that dark room. Luminaires such as pendant lamps and recessed luminaires can additionally illuminate dressing rooms and hanging areas. Look to add mirrors where you can to reflect the light you have.

10. Bring natural light into your closets

Instead of thinking you’re stuck with a dark closet, consider adding a clerestory window or windows (at the top of the wall) that let light in without losing valuable wall storage space. If your closet is inside your house and does not have an outside wall, look at a solar tube that brings light from your roof into your closet. These are energy efficient because they do not use electricity and they illuminate your closet with bright natural light.Freshome readers tell us about your tips for lightening your darkest steed.

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