Coolest Small Studios Ever Seen

Life in a small apartment is getting Band better and we have a round-up of 10 small studios to support our claim. They are all less than 350 square feet, but, with high ceilings that allow you to build upwards rather than outwards, these small living spaces have enough features and functionality to allow you to live small and elegant. They are modern, minimalist and maybe even cooler than the big fancy houses. Be the judge.

1. The Abbeville Studios

This small 20-unit studio project in the UK includes spaces centred around a sleek and elegant bookcase as a room divider. It separates the bedroom from the sofa and the kitchen, while the central panel rotates to display the flat-screen TV on each side.

2. The Achille studio project

Batiik Studio, A French design firm, converted a 320-square-foot space into a chic little studio. A lot of storage space is hidden under the stairs and in the closet, built into the black box next to the bathroom.

3. Chelsea tiny studio

Architect Rick Joy has created a sexy studio in New York where the bed can be surrounded by linen curtains. Although the space is small, the finishes are of the highest quality, giving the small studio a luxurious feel.

4. Small studio in Taipei

This 345 square foot studio was created by Cloud Pen Studio. The sleeping area is separated from the rest of the room by a closet/library. Built-in lighting, high-gloss floors and stainless steel appliances create a bright and reflective space.

5. 312 square meters in Poland

The architect Ewa Cherny has built a nice little studio in Wroclaw, Poland. The coolest feature is the library, which also serves as a staircase leading to the mezzanine. The light and airy space emphasizes a sharp combination of natural wood tones, white and black.

6. Hotel in London

Concrete Architectural Associates designed this space for the Zoku Amsterdam residence. The 269-square-foot loft pictured above has a flexible floor plan and a covered slatted-base sleeping area, for added privacy.

7. A little love nest for 2

Designed for a couple and located in Moscow, Russia, Ruetemple architects managed to integrate many storage corners into the small space.

8. Suspended in the air

This London studio offers one of the coolest design ideas ever: a floating bedroom that hangs right under the studio’s skylight. Even cooler, the skylight opens onto the roof to sleep outside.

9. Pod chic

It may come to only 320 square feet, but it’s big on style. The modular furniture is elegant and the cleverly designed central pod serves as a bedroom on one side and a kitchen on the other.

10. Industrial, but polite

Interior designer Tatyana Bobyleva has transformed a small rough space into an elegant studio that is a fusion of the style of Austrian ski chalets and industrial design. Since the space is small, the designer can spend on high-end finishes and furniture for quality rather than quantity.These 10 small studio apartments offer many ideas on how to live in a smaller space without sacrificing style or comfort. Which one is your favorite?

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