Creative Design Solutions In Modern House

Considered by the designers Ellivo architects as “an exploration of flexibility, space and materials”, this Australian private house offers a deep sense of privacy. Built in Paddington, Australia, the minimalist house on a slope takes its name from the location. The Paddington Residence maximizes natural light, breeze and views without compromising the privacy of the family. Interior designer Tanya Zealey from Ellivo Architects has built a series of superimposed spaces protected by sliding doors and curtains. The raw beauty was encapsulated in the house’s bent steel stairs, hand-crafted steel handrails and polished concrete floors.

Designed by and for Ellivo Architects director Mason Cowle and his family, the house sits on a 400-foot-long site that posed quite a challenge. The inspiring architecture on a steep 14-degree slope includes a 100-year-old protected fig tree. The architects present inspiring solutions in a modern and inviting floor plan:

“The entrance to the house is a procession of 5 different spaces, each with its own function, passing seamlessly from the fig tree to the west and the city view to the East. The spaces begin with the front entrance deck defined by the fig tree canopy, which flows into the kitchen area through two folding doors. These doors then open onto the heart of the house – a superb double-height dining room – the center and the central meeting point of the residence.

Then comes the more devoted volume of the living space that opens and transforms through large flexible sliding glass doors leading to the main deck. From there, the family can retreat to their own private spaces. The master bedroom forms a loft-like space that overlooks the city and the dining room. Conversely, the area of their apartment overlooks the pool and the views of the neighborhood. ”

Photos by Scott Burrows presents an idea of textures, bright and inviting to the home. The mezzanine library is magnificent in this compact space rising in a double height space.

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