Use Natural Textures In Your Home

If you love the outdoors, it is understandable to want to integrate nature into your living space. When it comes to bringing natural textures into the home, you can go as drastic or as simple as you want. If you’re looking for bold statements and design elements that make you feel like you’re practically outdoors, check out these creative ideas for surrounding yourself with nature. From wild natural texture accent walls to complete indoor gardens, these ideas will make you rethink the separation between indoor and outdoor.

Wild natural stone

One of the best ways to use natural textures in a home is to choose accent walls made of natural stone or other stone elements. Nothing like natural stone to add visual interest to a room. And you might end up feeling like you have your favorite canyon hike at home.

Natural stone is also available in a wide variety of patterns and colors, so it can match almost any style. If you go bold enough with the pattern, this stone will become its own focal point around which you can design the rest of the room.

Green walls for natural textures in a house

One of the most striking trends in home design in recent years is the walls of Green, also called Living Walls. Plants living in this place live directly on a wall. And nothing gives a natural texture to a house like living plants.

Some styles are thicker, with foam textures covering the wall. Others choose a more minimal vertical garden. Another simple idea is to fill the niches with plant life. Green walls are also a great way to separate outdoor living spaces. Whether you want a statement wall or a subtle natural accent, the styles below have all the bases covered.


Another way to bring natural textures into the home is to use indoor gardens. Like green walls, these use natural elements to add texture to a space. However, these are more traditional horizontal garden spaces.

The result is a traditional-looking space with a beautiful garden in part of the ground. Other spaces take up an entire room and form a covered garden oasis. It’s a great way to have a little nature in your life if you live in an urban area or don’t have a lot of outdoor space.

Get creative with natural wood

Then there is the way to achieve a more natural atmosphere in a room: natural wood textures. There are as many ways to work with this idea as there are types and finishes of wood.

You can use natural wood on the wall, of course. But other ideas include its use in sinks, countertops and mirror frames. You can use as much natural wood as you like for a truly rustic space or keep it a little more minimalist for an updated look. Take a look below to see some of the creative ways designers have used wood to achieve natural textures in the home.

There are countless ways to use natural textures in a home, whether you prefer the look of wood, stone, or plant life. Are you inspired by any of the above ideas? We’d love to hear it below.

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